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Restaurants and Cafes

Your holidays in Hammamet, an appetite without limits

Hammamet has the pleasure of having a table at your table

You have made the choice of change of scenery and well-being by choosing to stay at the Alhambra Thalasso in Hammamet. But because every moment has to be a pleasure to share, we also offer you a gastronomic journey with our 8 restaurants and bars, which will enchant the taste buds of all the guests.

4 restaurants and 3 bars for holidays in Hammamet as succulent as relaxing

The change of scenery begins when you arrive at your hotel in Hammamet. Let yourself be seduced by our thalasso hotel and indulge in your favorite activities, and they do not lack. For dining, the Alhambra Thalasso Hammamet has created 8 different places: 4 restaurants, 3 bars and cafes.
At any time, make your taste buds taste by choosing among the most delicious dishes one of the others. A truly gourmet journey from your pool outing or at the end of your wellness thalasso session.
The Alcazar, the Granada, or the Seville, with a choice of 8 different places, we guarantee you always an authentic and original. In these Andalusian decorations, let your appetite guide you and discover the cuisines and flavors of here and elsewhere.

The pleasures of the table in all its forms and for all ages in your hotel in Hammamet

The sea air, this hollow, so go quickly also in our cafes and bars for a refreshing break or a tasty snack. Young and old can finally follow their own desires, so do not hesitate and in this paradise of well-being and comfort that is the Alhambra Thalasso, gluttony will no longer be a sin, throughout your stay An invitation to make you happy. So what restaurant makes you most want today? Ask us, we will advise you.